A rack for the bicycle. The BookBike shelf.

Your Inspiration for Your Home A rack for the bicycle. The BookBike shelf.

We have inside the house, places and objects specifically made to store certain objects. Umbrella stands for umbrellas, baskets for clothes, key hangers for keys, magazine racks for magazines, bookcases for books, and a host of other furniture and accessories that have a specific function within the home.

That’s why I like this so much bike rack, especially if you do not have a garage or storage room to easily access to put the bike away everyday. Because it must be recognized that now more than ever, either as a hobby, taking care of ourselves or because moving by bike is infinitely cheaper than touching the car, every day there are many more followers of this hobby.

And surely many of them have a garage to store their bike, or a storage room, or basement, but there are many others that do not, and surely this shelf is the most practical for them.

Is the BookBike shelf (a very appropriate name go). At first you might think that a shelf or cabinet for a bikeIt would be somewhat cumbersome, large, difficult to locate, but nothing further, because the designers have created a very light shelf both visually and physically, with a minimalist design, with a very simple system to hang the bike in a matter of seconds, in short a Very practical shelf, perfect for storing both the bicycle and other objects such as helmet, water bottles, clothes, etc.

Your Inspiration for Your Home A rack for the bicycle. The BookBike shelf.

Although the concept they want to convey from Byography, who are the creators of this piece of furniture, it is not that of a rack only for bicycles, but rather a rack where there is also a place for the bike. In this way, they invite us to share the space of the bike, with other everyday objects that we would place on a normal shelf such as books, music, movies, etc.

Wouldn’t you like to get home and have a space for your bike too? Well now you have it.


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