An old vintage suitcase as a bedside table with drawers

We have already seen many ideas to make original bedside tables in Thousand Decoration Ideas, and this suitcase could be one more if it were not because it is not a suitcase, but a antique suitcase shaped side table. If you are not very given to doing manual work and instead of wasting time adding drawers to a suitcase to put it on a side table, you want one already with them on, this vintage table is for you.

Vintage suitcase as a bedside table

As we can see, it is a small table that can well serve as a bedside table or side table for any corner of the house. Although I am convinced, that if your favorite style of decoration in the bedroom is vintage, this suitcase, or, rather, this side table in the shape of a suitcase, will end up as your bedside table. vintage bedroom.

Vintage suitcase as a bedside table

Although the leather looks worn and aged, the table is made of MDF and faux leather with a worn effect. In its lower part it has wheels to make it even more versatile and to be able to move it easily, if that is what we need.

Also, as we can see in the images, it has three authentic drawers to store what we need; something that always comes in handy.

It measures 55 centimeters high x 34.5 centimeters wide and 22 centimeters deep. That is to say, a perfect size to put it next to the bed as a nightstand.

Vintage suitcase as a bedside table

Is designed in Spain by the firm Balvi and has a cost of € 110. We can see more details or buy it, here, on Curiosite.


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