Crumpled paper painting technique

This is a very simple technique and a very versatile finish can be achieved. It is a recommended technique for rustic styles. Although obviously you can do it where you like the most.

tissue paper painting technique


Silk paper

Masking tape

Plastic paint (Any color we want)


This technique is usually done on smooth walls, it cannot be done on walls that have gotelé, pitting, scratches or any other type of painting technique that is not smooth.

It’s very easy to do. Let’s imagine that we are going to paint only one wall.

First step:

We paint on the wall only a piece as large as the piece of paper that we are going to put.

Second step:

Without the paint drying, we take a tissue paper and stick it to the wall in the piece that we paint.

If we want it very wrinkled, first before putting it on the wall, we make a ball of the paper, we wrinkle it and then we stretch it, then we put it on the wall.

Third step:

When we have the paper glued to the wall we give it another coat of paint. And when that piece of paper is ready, we will put the one next to it.

Fourth step:

When we have all the papers on, we let them dry and once dry we give a coat of paint to the entire wall so that it is uniform.


It does not matter that the papers mount one on top of the other, the design can be as you want.

In this post we have done the technique with plastic paint, but it can be done with the paint you want, enamel, latex, varnish, etc.

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