Curved TVs, a pleasure to behold.

Despite the fact that tube televisions can still be seen in many homes today, many of us already remember them with nostalgia when we sit in front of our modern and elegant television with UHD technology. And the thing is that television, despite having many detractors, is a window to the world that, like the internet, keeps us connected. It is not just mere entertainment, it is information, company, learning.

It is not surprising then that an object with so much power, such as television, does not stop being updated and that in a few years the first RTC televisions (tube televisions) evolved to plasma ones, and these gave way to LCD, preceding the HD, Full HD, retina, up to UHD technology combined with Smart TVs.

And if on the one hand we have the best image quality with the 4k tv technology and all the interactivity possible thanks to the concept Smart tvWhere is the next improvement going? Well, as you all know by now, after Samsung develop and market the first curved TV in 2014, goes to the television design itself, offering us its range of curved 4K TVs.


By giving sinuous and elegant curves to an object that we all have burned into our minds as a plane, radically changing the concept of television design that we have, perhaps it can be thought that this update is merely aesthetic, but without wanting to detract from what this change has contributed to the beauty of the television itself, curved televisions have been designed to offer the human eye the possibility of perceiving images in the most perfect way that exists.


Thanks to its studied curves, the vision obtained is complete, making even the same edges are perceived with the same sharpness as the rest of the screen. Thanks to the curved design, the edges bring the viewer closer, making their field of vision wider, wrapping you in the images who perceives, approaching a movie screen with great precision.


Further, curves reduce glare, so it does not matter that a light is reflected. Likewise, the curves provide the viewer with a perfect viewing Regardless of which side you are on, sitting in the center to better watch television is a thing of the past with the new curved televisions, making them much more comfortable to watch.

Thanks to Samsung, pioneer in the development of technologies that are marking a before and after, now we can enjoy television in a way that we have never done before, since, although this new technology is a great step for the enjoyment and comfort in our homes, different brands of the competition will do the same to try to compete in the market for curved televisionsThus, their desire to improve and develop results in benefits for consumers, that is, us, with increasingly affordable prices among other benefits.


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