Do it yourself (DIY). Decorate a wall with plastic bottles.

The “Do it yourself” or DIY Today it is really simple, inexpensive to make and can bring a lot of originality to your home decoration.

A wall decorated with plastic bottles

We only need a few empty plastic bottles type Coca-Cola, water, Fanta, etc, spray of different colors and wool also of different colors.

First we clean the bottles well and later With masking or painter’s tape we delimit more or less in half of the bottle the part that is painted from the one that is not.

With the colored sprays we are painting them, each one of a color, or all of the same, here each one who paints them to their liking.

Once the paint on the bottles is dry, we remove the masking tape, and we tie a piece of wool right at the mouth of the bottle. Now we just have to hang the bottles attached with the wool on some nails on the wall, as you see in the images.

Your Inspiration for Your Home Do it yourself (DIY).  Decorate a wall with plastic bottles.

Then if we want we can add different colored flowers to each bottle to add more color if that is what we want, and voila, we already have a wall decorated with recycled plastic bottles. Easy, fast, inexpensive and very decorative !!

Photos and project: Greenweddingshoes


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