How to wash the down duvet.

Now that the good weather is here, we will soon begin to change the home textiles for lighter ones. One of those that we will undoubtedly have to undo is the duvet bed, and to keep it in perfect condition until next year, you have to wash and store it properly. We can do it in two ways: either we go to the laundry or we wash it ourselves if its fabric allows us. If so, then let’s see how to wash the duvet.


To make sure that we can wash the duvet ourselves in our house, we first need to check the label. If the quilt is made of delicate fabric such as silk or satin, or it is adorned with metallic threads, pearls or any other delicate ornament, or its filling is natural, it is better to wash it at a laundry where a professional will leave it very clean without problems applying the necessary treatment. If the duvet is 100% cotton or a cotton blend and the filling is synthetic, we can do it ourselves.

To get a good result and to be able to do it ourselves, you not only have to have the right fabric, it is also highly advisable to put it in a front loading washing machine.

To wash the duvet we need: Mild detergent, two clean socks with a tennis ball each inside and, the latter optional, fabric softener sheets or dryer sheets.

We put the quilt in the washing machine, wrinkling it and folding it as little as possible, and once inside we stretch it as much as possible, so that it occupies the entire interior perimeter of the washing machine drum.

Now we put the socks with the tennis balls inside. These will make the feathers and the duvet in general not caked, also thanks to an additional agitation, dirt and accumulated sweat will come off better.

We add a small amount of detergent, the appropriate amount is slightly less than that used for an average load.

We put the cycle of the washing machine on gentle with warm water and if our washing machine has an extra rinse cycle, we activate it and let the washing machine do its job.

Once the washing cycle is finished, we examine the duvet and if it has any stains, we wash it again, if not, we take it out and put it to dry in the open air, it is the best way to dry the quilt, if it does not receive direct light, better.

If we prefer to dry it in the dryer, we put it in it extending it as much as possible, we put the socks back with the balls and it is also time to put a couple of softener sheets for the dryer.

We set the dryer to its lowest setting and let it work. Every half hour or so we stop it and touch the duvet to check that it is not too hot. We will do this until the Nordic is dry.

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How and where to store the duvet.

Once washed and dry, it’s time to store it. The best way to store it is in its original packaging and in a place that is dry and free from humidity.

If we have lost the original cover, we can keep it in a cloth bag so that it transpires, never made of plastic or other material that does not allow the duvet to perspire.


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