Litter-Robot. A cat litter box that cleans the litter

It is not a new product by any means, but I just found out right now about its existence and, just in case there is more than one like me, I could not resist writing about Litter Robot to introduce it to you. Litter Robot Open Air, is a litter box for cats that cleans itself.


As you can see, it looks like a spaceship. It seems that at any moment our cat is going to get into it and take off to its home planet, because everyone who has a cat knows or at least senses that cats are not from this planet.

Well, with that said, this futuristic-looking sandbox, It will make us stop collecting the poop of our cats and cleaning their litter every two by three, since, through its technology, the Litter Robot, takes care of the dirty work.

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How does it work?

When the capsule turns (because it spins and everything like a spaceship!), It makes the sand goes through a grid. Everything that does not pass through the grid, that is, the cat’s excrement, falls into a tank that carries a bag, so that we, only, collect the bag when it is full. For the capsule to rotate, you have to connect the sandbox to the electrical current, everything can be said.

At first they have thought of everything, and as this sandbox has several updates, they have been solving the small or big problems that the first customers had until they polished every detail. So even though poop and dirt with rust remain in a tank with a bag, it does not produce odors. At least it is what its creators and many testimonials from people who already have it and we can read on their website assure.

But all that glitters is not gold, since it will relieve us from collecting our cat’s feces, depending on its size and the model of Litter Robot that we want, we will $ 450, the most expensive model, the Litter Robot Open Air. The next model, the Litter Robot Bubble, costs $ 339. And the smaller model called the Liter Robot II Classic, not suitable for big cats, is priced at $ 349.

As you can see, freeing ourselves from the task of collecting the excrement of our furry dog ​​is not cheap.

What do you think, do you find the invention useful or do you prefer to use the traditional method of gloves, shovel and hand to clean the cat’s litter?

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