Recycle and decorate. A bathtub turned into a sofa

Your Inspiration for Your Home Recycle and decorate.  A bathtub turned into a sofa

Every day I like the specials of Recycle and Decorate for the fantastic things that I discover surfing the web. People have an overflowing imagination. More beautiful and impressive objects are created using recycled things than when they are made new.

Perhaps this feeling is because our mind has a specific use associated with an object and when we see that object used for another purpose it surprises us.

Well, I will leave behind stories and musings and I present to you today’s winning candidate. Just by looking at it, you will know what it was dedicated to and what this object is dedicated to. Yes one bathtub converted to sofa. It is also not just any sofa, thanks to the design of the bathtub, the sofa is classic in style.

Although we have not done it ourselves and we have never seen it physically, it does not seem that it is very difficult to transform a bathtub into a beautiful and original sofa. The most difficult thing would in any case be to find a suitable bathtub.


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