Reposition the books on the shelf to form a Christmas tree.

I can think of several reasons why someone wants put the Christmas tree on these dates but can not. Maybe you have a somewhat rebellious pet that can eat or destroy the tree, maybe you have to spend money on a new one and ornaments and do not want to or cannot, it may be that you do not have enough space so that the tree does not arrive to get in the way, or any other reason.

But even so there are still several ideas to put a Christmas tree jumping those obstacles if there were any. And one of those ideas we bring you today. Is about Arrange the books and other objects on the shelf in such a way that they imitate the figure of a Christmas tree.


Normally, the books and decorative objects that we have on the shelves we do not usually touch a lot, maybe a couple of objects, but all the others are usually purely decorative static accessories that fill the shelf.

Well, if any of you meet all the requirements mentioned above to not be able to put a traditional tree and also have a shelf full of objects, you may be interested in this idea of ​​repositioning all the accessories and books that are on said shelf so that they form a tree of Christmas. And if you want to make it more realistic or more Christmas-like, you can hang a pretty star or any other Christmas ornament on the top of the “tree” and you can enjoy a very original and non-traditional Christmas tree.

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