Shelf decoration. Photos, ideas and tips

Decorate shelves it is an art that deserves its own study and an exclusively dedicated space.

Each shelf or shelf is a world full of decorative possibilities, and due to the immense range of options that opens up before us when we get to decorate shelves, it is understandable that we feel a little lost and overwhelmed, without knowing where to start or what elements. introduce them to decorate them.

But with this article that I have prepared on shelf and bookshelf decoration in which you will see 20 photos, ideas and tips for decorating shelvesYou can leave the shelves at home, beautiful, worthy of contemplation, with the right pieces; perfect.

Take note that we started.

How to decorate a bookcase or shelves on the wall

Shelves by TheHeartlandWoodCo

In a harmonious way, where almost all the pieces are the same size. Let’s say the height of the pieces almost forms a parallel line with the shelf itself. Easy right?

Let’s see another.

Decorated shelves

Photography Misskyreeloves

Asymmetrically. It is actually very easy to decorate a shelf this way. Fill gaps, but that the objects do not coincide in the vertical plane, that the squares are not aligned with the squares, the plants with the plants, but rather uneven.

A decorated shelf

Photography Up To Date Interiors

Check out how stylist Kathy has done with her shelf at Up To Date Interiors. Putting similar pieces in a zig zag shape, to create harmony and balance in the decoration of the shelf.

Shelf decoration with books

Design and photography Maison de Pax

One trick used a lot by interior stylists and photographers like Rachel de Maison de Pax is to turn books upside down, hiding their colored edges and showing the edges of the sheets for uniformity.

A shelf decorated with books

Photography Not Just a House Wife

You can also put the books in a “normal” way, by colors, creating a rich and varied composition in tones that beautifies the room, as Stacy shows us in her blog Not Just a House Wife. It all depends on your style.

Shelving decoration

Design and photography Harlow James

Symmetrically. If the shelf is relatively narrow, you can put two bundles or two pieces on each shelf, and keep it that way until complete. As Harlowe James says on her blog, if you add pieces that you love, you won’t go wrong.

Shelving decoration

Photography Driven By Décor

Use natural elements, such as plants, candles, vegetable fiber baskets and line the bottom with some paper according to the style to create a charming natural decoration, as Dirven By Décor has done.

Shelving decoration

Photography @arna_homeinterior

If you have a minimalist and modern style, where straight lines dominate the space, whether in the living room or in any other room in your home, a good idea is to maintain that same style in the decoration of the shelf. Everything symmetrically and in a very organized and symmetrical way. With rhythm.

Shelf decoration

Seen on Pinterest

If it is a single shelf, to ensure the success, put elements separated from each other by the same distance, and that one is not much higher or lower than the other.

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Shelving decoration

Photography @minimomlistic

Although in this sense, if you only want to decorate a long shelf, you can also choose to put several pictures or sheets of different sizes to create a more visually attractive composition. In this case, put small and tall ones together and alternate them.

Shelving decoration

From less to more. But without the first smallest object being much smaller than the final largest object, as we see on this decorated shelf. Thus we guide the eye and give meaning to the decoration.

Shelving decoration

Photography Meredith_deanne

Starting at the bottom, from least to greatest visual weight. If you look at the shelf above it is decorated with the same elements both below and above, but as the eye goes up it finds more weight: Colors, textures, volume …

Shelving decoration

Design and photography House of Harper

We can also do it the other way around. That is to say, of greater visual weight below, and as we decorate the shelf, add lighter elements or fewer elements, as blogger Caroline has done in her home and we can see in House of Harper.

Shelving decoration

Photography The Sweetest Digs

Paint the bottom of the shelf the same color that dominates the space where it is so that it blends in perfectly. Then, add another color to the decorative accessories that is also present in the decoration. In this case, the blue background and the mostly white elements. A sure hit that we can see in The Sweetest Digs.

Shelving decoration

Maisons du Monde shelf

In the form of an inverted pyramid. Look at the upper part that has four lumps and as we go down, the elements decrease until we reach two lumps, although also large.

Shelving decoration

Design and photography by Rocío from @decorloveme

Decorate each space as if it were unique, but taking into account the total set. In other words, try to add tones, textures and a similar style to each hole on the shelf so that, although each hole “shines” on its own, the whole has harmony and balance.

Have you had enough inspiration? I hope you have taken good note. Now check out these tips:

Tips on how to decorate a bookcase or shelf

Make a preliminary sketch, even in pencil or pen on paper. It will help you find the best arrangement of the elements.


Start by placing the largest items. A large painting, a tall plant, a large vase … Whatever the decorative piece, put the large one first. Once put, you can guide yourself in it to see how the rest of the objects are being. It is a good starting point.

If you don’t have large items, you can create one by making a set of several small items, such as decorative cardboard boxes on top of each other, a stack of books, etc.

Create an imaginary triangle, where the tallest and largest piece is the top point of the triangle, and the smallest pieces, facing outward, are the corners of the triangle. Here you can see a diagram that explains it better.


photo | honeyandfitz

Objects of different heights. A collection of objects of different heights is better visible, be they paintings, frames, vases or any other accessory that you want to put on the shelf. If, for example, all the paintings are the same, you can put one on top of a pile of books, so it will be of a different height from the rest and will make a difference.

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See the bookshelf from various angles. Maybe when you are decorating it you look at it in the front and it looks good, but when you sit on the sofa and look at the bookcase from a different angle, it no longer looks as pretty as before. Try, look, step back and compare from different angles so that it looks its best from anywhere you look.

Take advantage of the gaps. Many homes have holes and nooks due to architectural or structural elements of the home. Take advantage of these holes to install your star shelf there. Here you can see how to take advantage of the gaps with shelves.

What do you think of these photos of shelves, shelves and shelves? Do you know where to start now? Do you have any advice you want to share? You can leave a comment.


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