Tron Legacy adhesive vinyls

As we have already talked about on other occasions, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to redecorate the house without making much effort and without any kind of work, is using decorative adhesive vinyl.

Your Inspiration for Your Home Tron Legacy adhesive vinyls

And as is customary at Mil Ideas, every so often, we bring you some vinyl that has caught our attention and that we believe can give a lot of play to your decoration.

In this case it is a vinyl pack that recreates the final battle of the movie Tron Legacy.

They are high quality vinyls. 34 different vinyls come in the package so you can recreate the battle however you want. You just have to combine them at will.

Unleash your imagination and redecorate your home with a unique cinephile style.

You can see more details or buy these vinyls in the Curiosite store.


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