Very cool sofa blankets

Long ago I discovered these so cool and fun sofa blankets, but since it was summer, I thought the article was not going to have much acceptance; So, I bookmarked the page where they sell them, for when the right time arrives, I will show you these original blankets, with beautiful messages. And, as it is already appealing and a lot, the moment of blanket and film, on the sofa, I think the time has come to introduce you to these so cool sofa blankets from Happy Ideas.

Me + U sofa blanket.


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Imagine Sofa Throw by John Lennon in Mustard.


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Imagine sofa blanket, by John Lennon, in black.


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Think Big sofa blanket.


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Sofa blanket “Living dying of laughter”.


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Sofa blanket “Living dying of laughter”, in Catalan.


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They are 100% polyester blankets, designed by Happy Ideas, very pleasant to the touch, the kind that are velvety, very soft and comfortable; with a size of 130cm wide by 170cm long. Perfect for the sofa.

I liked these blankets because, despite having a great print, with a great message, they are blankets that have a simple general appearance, ideal for any living room decor, without standing out excessively and fitting without problems.

Do you know the blankets made with giant dots of 100% merino sheep wool?


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