Decorative Pantone Cups

Decorative Pantone Cups

All lovers of interior decoration know the Pantone brand. It is a company that, among other things, has created the system for the identification, comparison and communication of color for graphic arts, the so-called Pantone Matching System. (More information at Now Pantone has released household products such as decorative mugs with the color and …

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Duff beer glasses.


Sometimes I think that I have sat at the table to eat more often with the Simpsons than with my family. And although it seems like an exaggeration I think that if you examined it carefully, you would be right. And the same will happen to you, since with all the years they have been …

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Official “Game of Thrones” breakfast cups.


Game of Thrones, the medieval fantasy, drama and adventure genre series that has revolutionized half the world with its violent dynastic struggles to possess the Iron Throne, presents its breakfast cups decorated with the shield of the four houses: House Lannister, House Baratheon, House Tyrell and House Stark. The mugs are made of ceramic and …

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Mug in hand.


Every day we see more and more mugs with original and fun designs. I never thought that a mug could provide so much creativity. In this same blog we have brought you more than 100 different mugs with designs that leave your mouth open and as we know that you like them, we will continue …

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