Washbasin and shower 2 in 1. Showerbasin by Roca

Washbasin and shower 2 in 1. Showerbasin by Roca

rock, surprises us once again in its desire to innovate in the bathroom world with this new creation. It’s called Showerbasin and it’s basically a shower and a washbasin integrated in one piece. The Showerbasin It is made up of a Maxiclean range screen, a sink and a shower tray. Also with the sink taps, …

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10 impressive sinks.


It seems that the sinks are not paid much attention. This impression is based on the hundreds of houses that I have visited, where the sink does not stand out at all except on some occasions. And today, having the wide range of designs in terms of sinks, we should not settle for a standard …

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Countertop washbasins

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The countertop or built-in sinks They are very stylish, modern, sophisticated and functional sinks. They are visually lighter than sinks with furniture underneath. These sinks are ideal for small bathroomsThanks to their design, they do not take up much space, making the same use as sinks with a cabinet underneath. Here we leave you some …

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